Manual Wheelchairs

DAG has six self-propelled wheelchairs and eight attendant push wheelchairs from Roma Medical, Drive Medical, Casa Move, Electric Mobility, Medicare, Invacare and Days Medical..

All are suitable for use by adults.The self propelled wheelchairs can be pushed by a carer/ attendant as well as by the wheelchair user.

The maximum user weight limit for all of the wheelchairs is 18stone/ 114 kilos. The standard seat width is 18" / 45cms. One of the attendant push wheelchairs has a 20" / 50cms width seat and the Casa Move self-propel chair has a 16"/ 40cms width, which is suitable for smaller adults and older children.

The wheelchairs are transportable;  they fold flat, have detachable arm rests and adjustable/ detachable footrests. Hand operated brakes are fitted on the rear wheels or on the handles. All of the wheelchairs have slightly padded seats or cushions and are fitted with seatbelts. Some of the self propelled chairs have quick release back wheels.

The Enigma and Days Lite wheelchairs are made of lightweight aluminium.

Also available - detachable elevated leg rests.